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Physical actor   //    Dance Practitioner   //  Radiographer

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Movement is everywhere
Even in a solitary rock
That decays, clumps and erodes
Stroking the voice of the wind
Roaring strength
Punching authority

Rock can carve the freedom of a stream
Rock can echo the yell of a scream
Rock can seduce one flop, one toss
Rock can conduct a percussion 

that tickles my toes

Have a look and wander
From one rock to another
The line is never straight

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AIR 2020 🇲🇹 🇨🇭

Residency Supported by ŻfinMalta


© Nutke Team


With Luc Houtkamp | MIAF 2020


© Danilo Ceković

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Chubby, clumsy and nothing graceful to comprehend Rochelle was never in line with the other prim and proper petite peers. She struggled but always persevered, eventually gaining an  understanding of the power of movement. For this roccia from the little rock of Malta, dancing prompts a shift of states which is not pushing her to tears in wanting to be something else. Dance is rather a provocation of transformation for endless possibilities. There are days where she can be a clown without putting the red nose. There are days where she can be a boy as much as she is girl, but there is never a day where this roccia does not want to move. 

Rochelle’s movement started to rock in her mother’s womb; but at the age of pooping in a potty she had her first ballet lesson. This classical background shifted further into athletics, swimming, gymnastics and contemporary dance, aerial yoga and capoeira. 

Rochelle has studied at UOM (University Of Malta)  within the Faculty of Health Sciences as a Radiographer (2007). Consecutively, she followed a dance bachelor program in the School Of Performing Arts (2012). In 2019, Rochelle accomplished a masters in Physical theatre in Switzerland at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. The artistic desires of this bold roccia are to work in interdisciplinary contexts and to research emotive & comic movement language. Rochelle's present freelance projects include performance, pedagogy, direction and creating choreographies; ŻfinMade 2020.  She is additionally following a one year program with Fighting Monkey to help plenish her teaching methods that are mostly composed of play. 

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cantoi 19, casa soledaria, cavigliano, 6654, Switzerland


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